Ice Skating

For some people, skating is not really a big deal, but for me it was! Looking at the people, who look like flying above the ice, it always seemed to be the easiest thing to do. However, when I first wore the skates and stood on ice…

Yes, you guessed right… I was afraid that all my body will be covered in bruises if I keep on falling! Thanks to the kind people around, they held my hands and gave me the tips of how to stand and move on ice correctly.

For the beginners I would highly recommend to avoid indoor skating rinks, since there are barriers, on which they usually depend on and never try to skate by themselves. Do not avoid falling that much either, you need to fight your fear in order to skate freely and bravely in future :)

Karakol Ski Base

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Just several hours passed since the New Year came. Wishing a very Happy New Year to everyone, I would like to offer some cool options to start the New Year with. Since most of us are on winter vacations, we have enough time to relax and spend quality time with family and friends. It means that making a bit longer trips also would be great.

Number one way to have fun in winter is of course going for winter sports, such as skiing, snowboarding and so on. In Kyrgyzstan it is the easiest thing to find a suitable destination for all those activities. Kara-Kol ski base is the most famous places, which became the first choice of many travelers and locals. It is situated in Issyk-Kul province.

The place is perfect for its beautiful mountain peaks and great snow condition, which provides smooth rides both during skiing and snowboarding. The rentals of equipment are available, so no worries if you do not have your own ones. There are also cable cars for visitors to enjoy the view from above.



Some years after I discovered what I thought to be the best sport – skiing, there occured something even greater! It is not absolutely different from skiing though. I can probably call it the evolution in skiing.

I am talking about one of the most extreme things to do ever – heli-skiing! For some people, height and flight is already a huge risk, others are afraid of speed to death! So, heli-skiing is the combination of those two mind-blowing actions in one.

The feeling the one gets during heli-skiing is so hard to explain. Better to see once than hearing twice, so check this video out and share the emotions of those awesome and brave people!

Skiing first time


I must say that the chance to skiing was one of the biggest blessings I ever had in my life! The adrenaline rush, that amazing feeling cannot be explained if only you try it yourself!

However, not everything went that smooth till I reached that level of enjoying the process. Oh how I still remember those first attempts and failures, which seemed to never end! It was so unusual to wear those weird skiing gears and controlling my steps were even harder. The road seemed so sleek and it was impossible for me to even make normal steps.

When I tried to “ski” from up, I felt like a circling ball, because right after the first meter I found myself on the ground and rolling down! Thanks God that despite all of those, I kept on trying more and more, until I finally leaned to control my moves. That was when I forgot all hardships and started enjoying life even more!


These extreme cold winter days are reminding me of the days when I first tried snowmobile! As a little kid, all I knew was a cute sleigh to ride on snow, so when I saw new snowmobiles, it seemed as if we are at the highest point of civilization!

This cool invention doubled the joy people get in winter vacations. Unlike a simple sleigh, snowmobile ride is more safe, easier to control and FASTER! Of course, going over the limits cannot guarantee safety anymore (just like when I ran into the pile of snow!).

Unfortunately, not everyone has an access to such a cool vehicle. However, there are special offers from tour agencies, which provide a nice experience for affordable prices. Click here for more information about them.

Feeling like Tarzan!

For the kid like me, becoming a hero from movies or cartoons was something that never left my thoughts alone. It was such an innocent dream that I thought about every single night before going to sleep. The day, when we visited the Skytrex Adventures, became the most unforgettable one in my life. It was the day, when my dream came true!

The very first thoughts though were a bit different: there was that unusual park with ropes tied high up on the trees and the challenges we were supposed to go through seemed almost impossible! However, every single doubt and worry disappeared as soon as I went up the tree: I felt myself on the top of the world. Every time I went through the new challenge, there came more confidence and was ready to go for even more difficult ones.


Jumping from one tree to another, I understood where this energy was coming from: I was feeling like a free bird…no, like Tarzan, who walked on trees better than on the ground!

Story of my life

Before starting off with some real cool adventures with you, I would like to share my very first extreme experience. It happened in the happiest place on Earth… Yes, you guessed right, it was in Disney Land!

The place actually seems so innocent and all for little kids but I would deny this opinion. The thing is some attractions that time just took my breath away! I remember sitting on the “Spaceship” attraction in Tomorrow-land and the way we shouted all the way till it finished. It made my little head spin around and I felt that my heart was beating so fast and much different than before! It was the most fun I had ever had till that time! Then we went for “Indian Jones” and that also was something!

After the rides, instead of getting scared and promising not to do it again, I had a feeling that I want more of…didn’t know how to call it (adrenaline) then. So, after that trip, I did “Let the adventures begin!”