Burj Khalifa Extreme

Attention, attention! The latest news in the world of extreme! Welcome to the dream-land of Dubai!

Here is the dream come true for so many people on the planet: finally, they realized such an idea of literally flying like a superman!

I really ask your pardon, because I am out of speech watching the video below! No comment… Just join me in this and hopefully, you will understand my condition! :)

Taking it Higher!

Aaand here we go! After couple steps of preparations for flying, I think we are now ready to rock on paragliding!!! All I want to say today is this: my dear friends! Enough waiting for the perfect moment for paragliding! Just Do It! Weather nowadays is the best it can ever be!

For extra motivation, I uploaded this full-of-adrenaline video, which was actually taken in winter of this year! Any more excuses now for not flying because of the season??? You guys Do deserve such joy of flying and do not deprive yourself of this chance, alright? Will be waiting for impression of your future experiences on paragliding here in the comments!

Step #2

Hello friends! Let us talk about the next step we need to take for paragliding. Last time we talked about getting used to the height. Today I would like to help you guys fight the fear of jumping from above and this is how you do it:

If you remember, at one of my earlier posts, I shared my first experience with skytrex adventures. I also remember that one of my favorite challenges from that activity was the fire-fly, the one which lets a person jump from one tree holding onto only one rope and flying till the next tree.

Here is the point I want to make: this is the very step, which is going to prepare the one, who is afraid of jumping from above! With such practices, people can get used to fight the fear faster and get ready for more challenges. The chances like this exist in Malaysia, Kyrgyzstan and more countries.

Step #1 to flying

Okay, here is a perfect option for spending these beautiful spring days with high quality! That is of course nothing other than going for flying! Paragliding, parachute jumping, whatever you wish!

However, those options above are not really easy to make, since it takes so much risk and courage to decide! So, why not to start from a baby step, like trying hang-gliding first! What makes it easier and different is that hang-glider takes you from the ground to the sky gradually instead of making you close your eyes and jump from above!

This is the true way of how the birds fly! So, just take a deep breath and start working towards high goals! Try hang-gliding and I hope to see you guys on parachute jumping tours very soon!

Jeep Tours

Let me share an excellent idea that came to my mind to my mind. Everyone around is planning some picnics with family and friends, since it is a beautiful Spring that came to us! It is the perfect time to enjoy watching the nature waking up.

So, I also decided to come up with something original. It definitely has to have the same goal as others have (enjoy nature) and of course some taste of adrenaline, without which I cannot imagine life! So, here it is: why not to go on jeep tours?!

This is a super cool option, since the mountain roads are not always smooth and jeep will make it much easier and saves tons of our time. The energy will also be saved for us in case we wish to get out and explore some wonders of nature around.

Surfing Indoors!

The weather out there today was incredibly warm and I had no air to breathe inside the bus even! All I wanted to do during my ride back home in that stuffy bus was to run and jump to the swimming pool or the sea, which is even better! Thinking of the sea, I remebered one of the coolest sports ever – surfing!

Only the surfer knows the taste of that feeling when you are riding the huge waves and it is absolutely possible that it can just take you away into the endless ocean, but you still have the courage to go for it and once passed that challenge, as if the whole world is yours!!!

Sad that 2 more months till summer and that awesome activity. On the other hand, wonderful people on Earth have already thought of an amazing attraction – indoor surfing! So, the one can enjoy it at any time of a year!

Need for Speed!

Talking of horse spirited cars last time, there awakened my love for cars!!! I remember looking at them as an astonished child before and looking forward F-1 races on TV all-the-time! Although I am an extreme lover, I have not yet dared to go for car racing.

It is always a great pleasure to observe those activities, but I can only hope that one day there will come the strength to try it myself as well! I enjoy watching and take the adrenaline rush from various car rides nowadays and would like to recommend you as well to do so.

What kind of video? Hm…why not this one – The tunnel experiment of my favorite car mark!

Spirit inspired “Mustang”

How touching it is to see that one of the world’s biggest car companies actually imitate horses! How can it not blow our minds that even the latest technologies together with the strongest metals also cannot be as good as horses, may not give as much rush of adrenaline as the horses do!

However, the car, which is inspired by that gorgeous animal, also looks so good! Incredibly breathtaking! Please take a look:


Last time I called horseback riding as one of the most extreme activities, at least for me. Today I would like to show where this feeling came from.

I wonder if ou guys have watched an amazing cartoon – Spirit and the main hero of it – Mustang the stallion. Well, let me correct my previous opinion about the extremeness of horseback riding: it is like that if the horse is the same as Mustang, the stallion with wild nature and the character that always needs freedom!

Just take a look at one of the scenes where it shows all his capriciousness to the people, who want to take control of him! That definitely is so extreme!


Horseback riding

Let me tell you that in my opinion,horseback riding is one of the most extreme activities that exist in the world. It is true that it is not something only a few people can go for. In fact, one thirds of the world can easily ride a horse. However, it takes so much braveness, patience and skills to be able to master this sport.

Horses are harder than cars or bikes. The thing is, instructions on using cars and other transports are the same for everybody. However, the horses are living creatures and therefore, each of them have their own “personalities”, caprices and qualities. It is necessary to be able to find the common language with them. Only then can we make friends with them and they will let us take control of themselves.

While riding a horse, the feeling of speed and adrenaline is totally different, because both the horse and the person act and the result of double energy is definitely fantastic!