Skiing in Armenia

Going to Yerevan, we were very afraid of the lack of snow, but we were lucky and had a lot of snow when we arrived to Tsakhkadzor. This is an amazing resort near the capital of Armenia.
My impression from the slopes: mountains are not very high, but slopes are very wide, smooth, without hillocks and plenty of snow. My friends snowboarders were really happy! From the top we had a beautiful view panoramic to the beautiful Mount Ararat.
We passed 3 days skiing and snowboarding and wanted stay more)) So the trip was great with a lot of sunny days

The hotel was wonderful, the rooms beautiful, spacious, good kitchen, amazing and friendly people. Absolutely safe to walk at any time of day or night.


History , monasteries, castles, monuments, beautiful nature, hot springs, mineral waters, food and drinks …
Definitely, do not hesitate and explore Armenia!


Can you guys imagine, only a week left till summer leaves us! I really hope that each of you had a wonderful vacation full of joy and adventures. I wonder how helpful or interesting the posts I made for you, and now I will keep on going with my duty.

Since a week is also pretty enough to do something awesome, I will not lose this chance of making it rich! Koksu is still waiting for its visitors for surfing the rivers! As the website says: “On this trip you will be rafting down the Koksu River for a total of 180 km over the course of 3 days. The 1st and 5th days will be spent on the road”.

On this trip, you will have to bring a small backpack to carry necessary personal items and wear light sportswear, such as bathing suits, shorts, light t-shirts, etc. However, due to the fact that weather in the mountains is unpredictable, we also recommend bringing a spare set of warm clothes.

Flying Above Water Reservoir

Paragliding! This is one of my most favorite topics to talk about. This activity is one of the greatest sources of adrenaline! This is a dream, which came true for many of those, who were dying to fly!

Year by year, people are making a bit changes to this wonderful sport making it more fun, more extreme. As an example, I can give the people of Kyrgyzstan, more exactly Jalal Abad province. How in the world do they make it extreme? They don’t simply jump from high, but right a huge water dam!

They call it Toktogul – the largest water reservoir of Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia. With its pristine water, gorgeous scenery around, it became a favorite destination for the lovers of fishing, diving, swimming and even paragliding!

Kyrgyz Rafting 2014

Dear friends! Today I would like to show rafting in vivid pictures, which will definitely make you fall in love with the activity!

The video we shall watch below is a little part of an experiencethe tourists had in the rivers of Kyrgyzstan. The Chur river, which is the most famous destination for the fans of rafting is really perfect with perfect amount of extreme and less danger at the same time. So, if the one is a beginner in this sport, nothing to be afraid of on Chu at all!

This fun caption is from the summer of last year. I am now looking forward the latest shares as well, so you guys also enjoy it together!

Riding the Rivers!

The caption above is one of my most favorites. You know why? Well, First of all, it is a great symbol of extreme, a wonderful explanation of what this amazing sport is all about. Rafting!

Flowing together with the streams of the river, letting it take you wherever it goes and at the same time, trying to survive from the sudden turns, ups and downs of the route, these are all what make this sport so unique.

Looking at those conditions of rafting, what came to mind was to give a special name to it. Let it be “Riding the river”, riding its streams, just like other extremes, as riding a horse or a motorbike!

Diving in KG

THIS is hat I was talking about! The feeling of excitement, thirst for new adventures and need for adrenaline… These are all included in one single type of activity: diving!

No need for more words and details on this sport anymore, since the video says all about it already! So, enjoy watching every step you may also have to take for diving in Issyk Kul, the process of swimming in underwater world and nature’s wonders around!

Underwater Trips

Season of sunshine, hot and burning weather – summer is already here! The days are getting warmer than ever, that it makes us either sit in the coolness of our houses or turn into a fish in water! Definitely, for summer vacations, there is nothing better than visiting beaches or swimming pools.

However, I would like to remind that swimming is not the only activity to do there on the beach. What I would like to do today is to remind you of some bonuses you can go for by the sea and that is diving! Just imagine how you could double your happiness and excitement by visiting underwater world! So, I hope you will do your best not to miss such chance in future!

Burj Khalifa Extreme

Attention, attention! The latest news in the world of extreme! Welcome to the dream-land of Dubai!

Here is the dream come true for so many people on the planet: finally, they realized such an idea of literally flying like a superman!

I really ask your pardon, because I am out of speech watching the video below! No comment… Just join me in this and hopefully, you will understand my condition! :)

Taking it Higher!

Aaand here we go! After couple steps of preparations for flying, I think we are now ready to rock on paragliding!!! All I want to say today is this: my dear friends! Enough waiting for the perfect moment for paragliding! Just Do It! Weather nowadays is the best it can ever be!

For extra motivation, I uploaded this full-of-adrenaline video, which was actually taken in winter of this year! Any more excuses now for not flying because of the season??? You guys Do deserve such joy of flying and do not deprive yourself of this chance, alright? Will be waiting for impression of your future experiences on paragliding here in the comments!

Step #2

Hello friends! Let us talk about the next step we need to take for paragliding. Last time we talked about getting used to the height. Today I would like to help you guys fight the fear of jumping from above and this is how you do it:

If you remember, at one of my earlier posts, I shared my first experience with skytrex adventures. I also remember that one of my favorite challenges from that activity was the fire-fly, the one which lets a person jump from one tree holding onto only one rope and flying till the next tree.

Here is the point I want to make: this is the very step, which is going to prepare the one, who is afraid of jumping from above! With such practices, people can get used to fight the fear faster and get ready for more challenges. The chances like this exist in Malaysia, Kyrgyzstan and more countries.