Story of my life

Before starting off with some real cool adventures with you, I would like to share my very first extreme experience. It happened in the happiest place on Earth… Yes, you guessed right, it was in Disney Land!

The place actually seems so innocent and all for little kids but I would deny this opinion. The thing is some attractions that time just took my breath away! I remember sitting on the “Spaceship” attraction in Tomorrow-land and the way we shouted all the way till it finished. It made my little head spin around and I felt that my heart was beating so fast and much different than before! It was the most fun I had ever had till that time! Then we went for “Indian Jones” and that also was something!

After the rides, instead of getting scared and promising not to do it again, I had a feeling that I want more of…didn’t know how to call it (adrenaline) then. So, after that trip, I did “Let the adventures begin!”